Find the Strength WithYIN

A four-week Pilates and Yin Yoga challenge, to improve your range of motion, core strength, flexibility, resilience and focus.

Thank you for joining me here. I’m Ana and I am a qualified Yoga and Pilates teacher. My mission is to help you live pain-free and stress-free in this unique and fascinating home that you have: your BODY.



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February Challenge


You want to know how the core works and use this knowledge to become stronger each day

You want to improve your posture, become more flexible and move with ease

You want to learn how to relax and use meditation to reduce stress

What you get:

The challenge starts on Monday 1st of February and runs until sunday 28th.

Each week you will join 3 Pilates classes, 2 Yin Yoga classes and (optional) 2 express, dynamic workouts. These classes will challenge you physically and mentally, but will also leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and more relaxed.

Your investment for the full challenge is just €69 ~(you get more than 20 classes, so it will cost you way less than a cup of coffee per class)

all levels
11 AM

What the challege looks like:


Get to know your body

In this first week we practice Level 1 Mat Pilates. We’ll moving slowly , focussing on stability and range of motion. We’ll learn about the core, about posture, about flexibility and why it’s important. We’ll explore Yin Yoga and it’s benefits while enjoying a full-body relaxing practice.


Happy Hamstrings & Hips

In weeek two we’re increasing the intensity in Pilates, introducing legs and hips exercises. Our Yin practice will feel intense but will help us remove stored stress and frustrations while learning about resilience. Not to worry, I will offer plenty of options for all levels and body types.


Shoulder Mobility

If you are sitting at your desk, if you are driving or if you are stressed, you will notice some tension and pain in the shoulders. In week three we will work on shoulder mobility exercises in Pilates, a chest opening sequence in Yin and I will also equip you with stretches and tips you can do during your day to reduce or remove your shoulder/ neck pain. 


Spine Health 

Joseph Pilates once said: “If your spine is stiff at 30, you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young.” In this final week we will once more switch on the intensity in Pilates while focussing on the spine. We will connect the dots between everything we have done in the previous weeks, to ensure you have the tools to move forward in your practice.

Have a questions? Check the Q&A below!


I have never done yoga or pilates before, can I join?

Yes, this is suitable for everyone, including absolute beginners. Make sure you do not miss week one where we talk about the core in Pilates & the purpose of Yin in yoga , this will help you practice safely and efficiently

Is this programme a substitute for Physiotherapy?

No. This programme is intended as a starting point in your wellness journey or in conjunction with your treatments. This is not a substitute for the treatment itself. Please consult your doctor or physician before enrolling. 

Are these classes good for weight-loss?

The target of this programme is not weight-loss, although it may help. You should always aim to become a healthier person, not a slimmer one. Practice to feel good in your body, to feel strong and healthy.

If I miss a class, will I be able to continue? 

Yes, if you miss a session, you will receive the class recording that you will be able to access for 48h. 

What equipment do I need for the classes?

  • A space in your home (ideally with no interruptions)
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga block, (or a heavy book)
  • Towel and/or blanket 
  • Laptop/phone with video & audio access

Classes will be live on Zoom. Please make sure you have a Zoom account and that you log in 10 minutes early in case you encounter any technical issues. 

Is this a group class or a one to one?

This is a group class, if you are interested in practicing 1-1 with me, send me an email


“Ana is a fantastic teacher and I really enjoyed the 5 week challenge. It got me moving during my lunchtime from my desk. I feel stronger and that I’ve improved since week one. I would highly recommend and I look forward to joining back again!”

“Ana is a lovely ,friendly and experienced practitioner of Yoga and Pilates . She will adapt the positions to suit everyone from beginners to experienced. I especially loved the yoga classes.💜”

“Ana is an excellent teacher, very clearly describes and demonstrates the moves. Different variations are covered which is great for different levels of ability (and days!) Ana has a very pleasant and sunny disposition and I enjoy her classes very much.”

Have a question?

Contact me!


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