April Challenge : A Journey Within

“Joy is my nature, and smile is my birthright.”

Sudhir Rishi


I’m Ana , and I’m a qualified Yoga and Pilates Teacher. But what I like to call myself is your guide to movement and stillness.

How many times have you heard this: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

But how many times have you actually been told HOW to listen, or what does that mean?

Well that’s what I’m here for. I’m here to help you find that inner voice and teach you how to listen. You’ll know when to move, when to push yourself and when to rest.

This doesn’t mean that we’ll sit in a cross leg position asking the universe for answers (well maybe sometimes) but we’ll explore our body’s anatomy , learn how to modify and move without pain, we’ll explore stillnesss and feeling uncomfortable, we’ll explore our breath and how it affects our mind.


Join me early in the mornings for some dynamic Sun Salutatuons using Ujjayi Pranayama. This breathing technique strenghtens the diaphagm, helps you bring energy and heat into the body and helps you turn your oractice into meditation in movement. In Pilates you will learn how to use your rigbcage breathing to feel strong and stable.


Pilates is probably the best thing that you can do for your body. With 3 Pilates classes and two Core Express classes each week you’ll have plenty of opportunities to push yourself, to find your strenght and learn a little bit more about your core. After week 1, we will increase the speed and reps of the exercises, so get ready to sweat a bit.


You probably know that meditation if one of the most beneficial things for your well-being, but what you is that it’s not mean to be hard. EVERYTHING can be meditation. Being mindful while drinking your coffee, taking 5 breaths while at your desk or even dancing. We’ll explore different techniqes to help you meditate more often and we’ll relax with Yin Yoga.

Class Schedule

Classes will start on Tuesday 6th of April and run unitl end of May.
Sun Salutations
Sun Salutations
Sun Salutations
Sun Salutations
Sun Salutations
Core Express
Core Express
Pilates Flow
Pilates Flow
Yin Yoga
Investment €69

Book now and get a FREE 30 min 1-1 session

Have any questions? Check out the FAQ below:

I have never done yoga or pilates before, can I join?

Yes, this is suitable for everyone, including absolute beginners. Make sure you do not miss week one where we talk about the core in Pilates & the purpose of Yin in yoga , this will help you practice safely and efficiently

Is this programme a substitute for Physiotherapy?

No. This programme is intended as a starting point in your wellness journey or in conjunction with your treatments. This is not a substitute for the treatment itself. Please consult your doctor or physician before enrolling. 

Are these classes good for weight-loss?

The target of this programme is not weight-loss, although it may help. You should always aim to become a healthier person, not a slimmer one. Practice to feel good in your body, to feel strong and healthy.

If I miss a class, will I be able to continue? 

Yes, if you miss a session, you will receive the class recording that you will be able to access for 48h. 

What equipment do I need for the classes?

  • A space in your home (ideally with no interruptions)
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga block, (or a heavy book)
  • Towel and/or blanket 
  • Laptop/phone with video & audio access

Classes will be live on Zoom. Please make sure you have a Zoom account and that you log in 10 minutes early in case you encounter any technical issues. 

Is this a group class or a one to one?

This is a group class, if you are interested in practicing 1-1 with me, send me an email :anastefanyoga@gmail.com


“Ana is a fantastic teacher and I really enjoyed the 5 week challenge. It got me moving during my lunchtime from my desk. I feel stronger and that I’ve improved since week one. I would highly recommend and I look forward to joining back again!”

“Ana is a lovely ,friendly and experienced practitioner of Yoga and Pilates . She will adapt the positions to suit everyone from beginners to experienced. I especially loved the yoga classes.💜”

“Ana is an excellent teacher, very clearly describes and demonstrates the moves. Different variations are covered which is great for different levels of ability (and days!) Ana has a very pleasant and sunny disposition and I enjoy her classes very much.”

Have a question?

Contact me!



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